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Italian Beds, Italian Dressers & Italian Wardrobes

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EM ITALIA specializes in Classic Italian bedroom furniture & Modern Contemporary Italian Bedroom furniture.

Our Italian Bedroom Furniture collection includes products such as Italian bedroom sets, Italian bedroom suites, Italian dressers, Italian beds, wardrobes and many more items from our Italian bedroom collection.

Classic Italian Beds, Dressers & Wardrobes

You can choose from our wide range of classic Italian bedroom furniture available in Walnut, Ivory and gold colours.

classic italian bed picture

Classic Italian Beds
classic italian dresser picture

Classic Italian Dressers
classic italian wardrobe picture

Classic Italian Wardrobes

Modern, Contemporary Italian Beds, Dressers & Wardrobes

Our new modern contemporary designs come with high gloss lacquered finishes, available in various colours such as red, black white and many more.

contemporary italian bed picture

Contemporary Italian Beds
contemporary italian dresser picture

Contemporary Italian Dressers
contemporary italian wardrobe picture

Contemporary Italian Wardrobes

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