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Amalfi Italian furniture and dining sets

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The Amalfi Italian furniture collection - exclusive high gloss classic italian designs, catering for your dining, lounge and living room.  The Amalfi collection is not your everyday Italian furniture and not something you would find in your next door neighbours house.  The amalfi collection is a exclusive collection and is not widely available across the UK unlike other Italian furniture collections.  If you have a taste for fine Italian dining furniture then the Amalfi italian furniture collection is most certainly the right collection for your home. So why not browse our selection of  italian dining room tables and chairs, italian cabinets, italian corner cabinets, italian tv units & cabinets and coffee tables and add that extra touch of elegance to your home !





The Amalfi italian furniture collection presents a selection of italian furniture products ranging from 1 door full glass italian cabinets, 2 door italian cabinets, 3 door italian cabinets along with italian sideboards, mirrors,hi-fi cabinets, TV cabinets, and corner display cabinets, all in classic italian designs available in both Ivory and walnut colours.


The Amalfi Italian furniture range – Italian dining room furniture and sets, italian lounge furniture and sets, italian living room furniture and sets. High gloss amalfi italian diningroom sets, High gloss amalfi italian diningroom furniture, High gloss amalfi italian dining table and chairs, High gloss amalfi italian display cabinets and units, High gloss amalfi italian corner cabinets, High gloss amalfi italian coffee table, High gloss amalfi italian lamp table, High gloss amalfi italian sideboard, High gloss amalfi italian mirrors, High gloss amalfi italian glass cabinet, High gloss amalfi italian cabinet, High gloss amalfi italian hi-fi unit, High gloss amalfi italian TV unit and cabinets. For everything High gloss amalfi and Italian then visit us today ! or check our website

Looking to Buy classic Italian furniture and sets ? then why not browse our extensive collection of classic Italian furniture sets.  Products ranging from high gloss classic Italian dining room furniture, high gloss classic Italian dining furniture,  high gloss classic Italian dining chairs, high gloss classic Italian dining tables, high gloss classic Italian bedroom furniture including high gloss classic Italian beds, bedroom sets and classic Italian Sofa’s ranging from classic Italian leather sofas and suites to classic Italian fabric sofas and suites – Yes we have it all at EM ITALIA UK – Click here for our Classic Italian furniture collection

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